Exaflow copes with filled plastic materials

Plastic materials filled with a glass fibre part of 30 % and flame retardant – if and how they can be processed in a curved tunnel gate? What do you have to consider?

Filled plastic materials often are brittle and break easily. There is a risk of sprue breaking during demoulding or getting stuck in the tunnel.To check out if and how RIAMAXX® HR GF30 can be processed Exaflow met with VTS GmbH and Solidtec Rapid Tooling in Dieburg, Germany, for a mould trial of the material.

Considering the specific properties of the material production was started. And due to this experienced team perfect sample parts could be manufactured. The result shows that filled plastic materials as such don‘t mean an exclusion criterion for curved tunnel gating. Since material characteristics vary each application should be considered individually.

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